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Why SewingMalaysia?

Life interview with NTV 7 on how and why sewingmalaysia.com was started

As a kid, I remember being offered classes of all sorts — from piano to ballet to water skiing — but not for sewing or craft. I only remember having this antique Singer machine that my grandma, after succumbing to my incessant pleas, finally taught me to sew. Nevertheless, most of my sewing was done by hand as it was just too dangerous to use the hand wheel and foot pedal. Those days are gone though — now, computerised machines and really slow stitching settings have made it kid-friendly to sew!

As I grew older, I thought that it would be fun to start sewing again. However, not only were sewing classes usually held on weekends, I also needed to have my own sewing machine. Spending so much on a sewing machine just seemed too extravagant, especially if I didn’t know whether I would like it. Trying it out for a mere 10 minutes in a shop wasn’t sufficiently convincing either.

Well… not anymore!

I am open to classes in the evening after work as well as weekends – and I would invite you to join me in the great joys of sewing!

If you would like to find out a little more about SewingMalaysia.com, please check out my live interview on NTV7. It is mostly in Malay but you’ll get the idea – I love sewing and I want to share that with as many people as possible!

As for the boring stuff about me, my linkedin profile should satisfy your curiosity. I am who I say I am… just someone who finds sewing to be extremely therapeutic and I am lucky i am reasonably good at it 🙂

Come start sewing with SewingMalaysia.com

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